Snack producer Deurne

Buddies is a manufacturer of snacks, located on the Voltstraat 2C in the city Deurne (Netherlands).

Unique snack from Deurne

From Deurne we manufacture and supply a line of unique and innovative snacks, called "Buddies". Buddies are based on an old Dutch donuts batter, baked in the form of a sleeve, a large cup, and a mini-cup, these buddies are then filled with different fillings, both sweet and savory. In addition to the filled varieties, the Buddies are also available unfilled so they can be filled to your liking. The possibilities with Buddies are endless, therefore there is always a snack time for a matching Buddie.

More information

Are you interested in a truly unique, original snack from Deurne, please contact us via the contact page.

Snack producer Deurne